Postcards From Home

Levee View

NE from 17th Street & 2nd Avenue “Here’s a new set of photo cards recently out (not mine—they are printed by machine). This view looks northeast from the top of the Best Building. You see the river, the arsenal at the right, the Government Bridge and Davenport at the left—also a near view of the … [ Continued

Lavelle Clothier

Second Avenue & 18th Street You might not believe it – but both of the buildings shown on today’s postcard are still standing on one of downtown Rock Island’s most prominent corners.  Yes, they have changed a bit.  But since today’s appearance was created between 1925 and 1950, the buildings are still considered historic. Thanks … [ Continued

Rhoads House

1032 21st Street In 1902, Franklin K. Rhoads and his wife Frances retained local architect Leonard Drack to design a fine new home for their hillside lot at 1032 21st Street in Rock Island.  Actual construction was done by contractor Diedrick Hoehenboeken at a cost reported to be $5600.  A few years later, someone took … [ Continued

Harms Hotel

18th Street at First Avenue There is another postcard on this website showing the inside of the Hotel Harms Tap Room.  This postcard shows the exterior of the hotel that once stood at the northwest corner of 18th Street and First Avenue.  It was built for – and named after – owner Lothar Harms.  Mr. … [ Continued

Hawthorne School

700 Third Avenue The first Public School No. 1 that served Rock Island’s first ward was a simple two-room frame building.  Even before our school board was organized in 1857, it stood on the south side of Third Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets.  Population growth soon resulted in the addition of a third room.   … [ Continued

Clemann & Salzmann Fire

Ben Harper was one of Rock Island’s early leaders and entrepreneurs.   He came to Rock Island in 1850, at the age of 33.   By 1854, he was elected mayor, and he also served president of the Board of Education.  In 1870, he built the Harper House, a five-story luxury hotel with 100 rooms and elegant … [ Continued

Beardsley & Bailey Company

217 18th Street  Four men, two old, two younger, stand in a doorway marked 217.  The actual address was 217 18th Street, the home of the Beardsley & Bailey wholesale liquor business for years, and various other Beardsley enterprises for decades.  The men are likely the principals in Beardsley & Bailey. Beardsley refers to James … [ Continued

Views of Rock Island, Illinois

 This postcard was an inexpensive production.  The publisher simply compiled miniature black-and-white versions of other Rock Island postcards.  One can assume this was a bargain for the purchaser as well, who received ten different pictures for the price of a single postcard.  The selection indicates which buildings and structures were considered interesting, important or salable … [ Continued