Postcards From Home

Mrs. Frank Robinson’s Residence

613 20th Street  Although the postcard identifies this house as belonging to Mrs. Frank Robinson, it began its life as the home of her in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Robinson.  Thomas J. Robinson was the subject of another postcard story about his namesake ferryboat.  We noted that stories about Mr. Robinson were not always … [ Continued

Reynolds Engineering

5th Avenue at 38th Street This Real Photo postcard from about 1926 shows the home of Reynolds Engineering and Manufacturers.  Thanks to Richard Iverson for sharing this rare postcard. Some of the material in this article comes from a 1967 interview with long-time president of Reynolds Engineering Company, Mr. Harold Brown, found in the Rock … [ Continued

House at 1030 21st Street

1030 20th Street Because postcards showing houses are rare, we don’t do a lot of our research on these mostly private buildings.  Yet we are often asked, “How can I learn the history of my home?”   We’ll explain the process as we talk about today’s postcard – and later we’ll tell you how you can … [ Continued

Harper House Hotel

2nd Avenue & 19th Street It opened to wide acclaim with an elaborate banquet in February 1871.  And according to an 1877 County Directory,  “One of the oldest residents of Davenport, a citizen whose interests are in that city, said ‘The Harper House is a better advertisement for Rock Island than three times the money … [ Continued

Guyer House

728 21st Street This “Real Photo” postcard of the house at 728-21st Street is from the historical collection of the Rock Island Public library.  It was mailed by Anna, who lived here, to Aledo friend Amelia Anderson, to show her the extensively remodeled house.  In her note, postmarked 1911, Anna points out the windows of … [ Continued

Grace Lutheran Church

4401 7th Avenue Grace Lutheran Church was organized on February 2, 1888, with 18 charter members.   It was notable for being the first “English” church, with services in English rather than Swedish, in the Augustana Synod.  Connections to Augustana College were strong, and services were held at Augustana’s chapel in the early years of the … [ Continued

Como Hotel

18th Street & 3rd Avenue Like many downtown Rock Island buildings, there’s a long history for the Como Hotel, once at the southwest corner of 18th Street and Third Avenue.  An 1886 Sanborn Fire Insurance map and an 1889 birdseye view map show that there were three businesses – a wholesale liquor business, a harness … [ Continued

Central Presbyterian Church

929 14th Street  This postcard contains the year 1910 within its design.  That tells us it was probably published to show the architect’s drawings for the new Central Presbyterian Church that would be built on two vacant lots at 14th Street and 10th Avenue.  The upper left corner of the postcard commemorates an older church … [ Continued