House at 1019-1021 21st Street

1019 21st Street, Rock Island, Illlinois There’s a wealth of local history in Augustana College Library’s Special Collections.  That’s where we found this rare “real photo” postcard, dating from about 1910.  It shows a double house, a side-by-side duplex, located at 1019-1021 21st Street in Rock Island.   The double house style is surprisingly common in … [ Continued

Christian Science Church 23rd Street

829 23rd Street (817 23rd Street) The Christian Science religion started by Mary Baker Eddy in Boston is of fairly recent origin.  The official founding of the church as we know it today was in 1892.   In 1894, the “Mother Church,” designed by noted Chicago architect Solomon S. Beman, was built in Boston. The Quad … [ Continued

Rock Island Reservoir

15th Avenue & 24th Street It’s something we city folks take for granted – a twist of the wrist and pure clean water flows.  But that wasn’t always the case here in Rock Island.  In the 1800s, safe drinkable water couldn’t be taken for granted.  This postcard, which features a less-than-scenic view identified as “Rock … [ Continued

Hodgson’s Funeral Home (DeSilva House)

608 20th Street  The postcard identifies this large familiar home as the Hodgson Funeral Home.  That name tells us the card was published after 1941, when the Hodgson Mortuary moved from 17th Street to 608 20th Street and changed its name to Hodgson Funeral Home.  Hodgson owners Alwin F. Lindoerfer and Walter Hesemen had announced … [ Continued

House at 1530 29 ½ Street

Massive oaks provide a background for this house that still stands at 1530 29 ½ Street.  Located in the appropriately named W.E. Bailey’s Oak Grove Addition, which was platted in 1911, this and nearby neighbors date from the teens and twenties.  Architectural styles encompass both single and two story structures as well as a wide … [ Continued

Buford Mansion, Word of Life Church

When wealthy Kentuckian Charles Buford brought his wife, Lucy Marshall Buford, and their ten children to Rock Island in 1853, he didn’t waste any time.  They had come from near Lexington, Kentucky, an area known as the “Athens of the West.”  They immediately purchased a large brick home that still stands and is now the … [ Continued

Bethany Home, former Gilpin Moore House

Bethany Home, former Gilpin Moore House ………………..3518 5th Avenue……………. For nearly forty years, Bethany Home was located in this magnificent mansion just south of Rock Island’s Fifth Avenue near 36th Street.  The beginning of Bethany is traced to an infant abandoned in Gottlieb H. German’s woodshed. German, who was a harness maker for the Rock … [ Continued

House at 1601 25th Street

  Postcards had appeal for both hometown residents and tourists.  Postcards made it easy for people to send a familiar or exotic image to their friends, accompanied by a short note in the space provided on the front and/or back of the card.  Popular Rock Island cards usually featured parks, scenic views, riverboats, or downtown … [ Continued