Infrastructure, Arsenal, & River

Rock Island Arsenal Rustic Bridge

Arsenal, South of Golf Course Does today’s postcard represent a local scene?   This stone bridge with its two wide arches resembles those of medieval origin, traversing any of a number of small European streams.  Our local rivers are much too wide for such a bridge – and there’s not much room for a boat to … [ Continued

Rock Island Reservoir

15th Avenue & 24th Street It’s something we city folks take for granted – a twist of the wrist and pure clean water flows.  But that wasn’t always the case here in Rock Island.  In the 1800s, safe drinkable water couldn’t be taken for granted.  This postcard, which features a less-than-scenic view identified as “Rock … [ Continued

Sylvan Bridge

…….Mississippi River at 24th Street……. Rock Island grew from a village to a city because of a bridge – the first railroad bridge to cross the Mississippi River in 1853. We remain a community of bridges: big bridges, small bridges, old bridges, new bridges, fancy bridges, plain bridges. And there is one bridge that we … [ Continued

Arsenal Confederate Prison Camp

……………….Rock Island Arsenal………………. It probably wasn’t a popular postcard, hence its rarity. It shows no stately buildings, flowered fountains, or other scenic treasures of our city. Rather it’s simply an artist’s rendition, a perspective drawing, of the western half of Arsenal Island. Dominating the picture is a tight rectangular matrix of buildings with clusters of … [ Continued