Award Criteria

RIPS understands that to undertake the task of genuine preservation is indeed a challenge and those who accept that challenge and perform the task well, should be heartily and publicly commended. Generally recognition is given to work on structures, but on occasion an individual or group may be recognized on a case-by-case basis.

To qualify for an award or recognition, a structure must be:

  • A residential, commercial, religious or public building
  • In the city limits of Rock Island
  • 50 years old or more

The society shall consider for recognition a person or persons who have saved an historic structure from being destroyed or defaced, accomplished a major restoration or renovation of an historic structure, or by example or by special efforts, furthered the ideals of historic preservation in Rock Island.


When reviewing a project for an award, Rock Island Preservation Society uses the following definitions:

  • Restoration: An improvement project to an historic structure that endeavors to preserve, restore, and/or reconstruct historic architectural detail, building materials, and craftsmanship.
  • Renovation: An improvement project to an historic structure that is properly respectful of the historic detail but has had modifications made that were necessary to make the structure more useable, comply with building codes, or make the project economically feasible.
  • Remodeling: Alterations made to a structure that is not respectful of historic detail. Modifications made that mimic restoration, when genuine renovations or restoration could have been achieved.

Only projects that meet the criteria of restoration or renovation will be eligible for consideration. Maintenance projects such as painting alone, will not be eligible for consideration. Nominated projects and persons will be reviewed at our regular membership meeting in March. Honorees will be recognized in May.