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Modern Woodmen of America Interior

1504 3rd Avenue The next time you go to the Rock Island County Building, make it a point to go through the main entrance near the west end of the … [ Continued

Rock Island House Café

Second Avenue & 16th Street They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture postcard does indeed tell its own story.  The postcard from Shannon Hall’s collection … [ Continued

Model T Touring Car – Rock Island to California

Second Avenue & 14th Street  Sometimes there’s a postcard that allows our imagination to play.  This is one such card.  It was hard to identify, but there were clues.  First, … [ Continued

Twentieth Street South from Third Avenue

This circa 1910 postcard is identified only as “20th Street, Rock Island, Ill.”  But 20th Street is long – how could we identify the photo more precisely?  Since these are … [ Continued

Tri City Railway Car Barns

3448 Fifth Avenue They were known as street railways, and the streetcars that followed those rails were much like a train, except they were only one car long.  For forty … [ Continued

Odd Fellows Building

1716-18 Fourth Avenue  On October 10, 1912, the International Order of Odd Fellows, UCAL Lodge #608, gathered at 1716-18 Fourth Avenue to lay the cornerstone for their new $50,000 building. … [ Continued

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Depot

Foot of 17th Street NOTE:  The pictured postcard is not the one originally featured with this article. From its earliest days, Rock Island was a city of railroads.   With the … [ Continued

Schocker Paper Company

1918 First Avenue It is quite a lovely building, this home of Schocker Paper Company.  You could easily imagine it today, converted to apartments, with wide windows overlooking Rock Island’s … [ Continued