Newsletter August 2022

This edition of the Rock Island Preservation Society newsletter is focused on the history and funerary art at the Chippiannock Cemetery here in Rock Island.   We are able to share only a portion of the many sights to enjoy at Chippiannock and we encourage you to take a tour of this National Historic District. (Did you know that cemeteries qualify for national designation?) The application for Chippiannock National Register Historic District is linked in the newsletter but loads slowly because of all the detail included.

You can take a self-guided walking tour or a virtual tour thanks to the guide available at the Chippiannock Cemetery website, linked in this newsletter. It may seem uncomfortable to make a casual visit to a cemetery, but the Chippiannock Board of Directors encourage us to enjoy all that the sight has to offer. And the funerary art, the landscaping, and glimpse into the past are best enjoyed in person.