Postcards From Home

Modern Woodmen Publications Building

318 16th Street  This postcard shows the Publication Building of Modern Woodmen of America (MWA) that, for 75 years, was located at 318 16th Street right, behind the current Rock … [ Continued

First Methodist Episcopal Church

5th Avenue & 19th Street Around 1830, John Spencer received a deed from the United States government for a large tract of land, containing what is now downtown Rock Island.  … [ Continued

Memorial Park Cemetery

30th Street & Blackhawk Road  The acres just east of Rock Island’s 30th Street and north of Blackhawk Road overlooking the Rock River valley look like a park.  Nearly a … [ Continued

Fort Armstrong Theatre (Circa 21)

Third Avenue & 19th Street Its given name was the “Fort Armstrong Theatre” and it was called the “Castle That Shadows Built.”  The shadows, of course, referred to the silent … [ Continued

First Brick Building in Rock Island

209 15th Street When this postcard, captioned “First Brick Building Erected in Rock Island About the Year 1840,” was published in the early 1900s, the historic store building was still … [ Continued

Denkmann Memorial Library – Augustana College

3520 7th Avenue The Augustana College campus holds many historic architectural treasures.   One of its premier buildings is the Denkmann Memorial Library.  In January of 1909, the seven children of … [ Continued

Car Barn Ruins – June 2, 1913

5th Avenue & 35th Street   Bolts of lightening followed by deafening detonations struck to the heart of Rock Island in the wee hours of Sunday, June 1, 1913.  A fire … [ Continued

Street View – 7th Avenue at 42nd Street

There was no caption on this Real Photo postcard found in the Augustana College Library Special Collections, but someone had handwritten a notation: “44th Street and 7th Avenue.”  Further investigation … [ Continued