Levi S. McCabe House

2920 Fifth Avenue When Levi S. McCabe died in 1915 at the age of 79, our entire city mourned the death of this tireless booster.  McCabe’s department store employees marched … [ Continued

Hawes Bungalow

1418 20th Street This Rock Island postcard, from the collection at the Rock Island Public Library, shows a house with the printed identification:  “Bungalow of Charles W. Hawes, Head Clerk … [ Continued

Ferkel Couple

518 23rd Avenue There is a surprising story behind this simple postcard.  An elderly couple is posed behind a fence, their small house in the background.  A gate, cobbled of … [ Continued

House at 1038 21st Street

There’s something magical about a house with tower.  Although towers reached a peak (sorry) of popularity in the Victorian era, towered houses were still relatively rare.  Additionally many towers have … [ Continued

Residence of Phil Mitchell (Case-Mitchell House)

720 20th Street  For years this stately home on Rock Island’s 20th Street just south of 7th Avenue has been known as the Mitchell House.  It is named for Phil … [ Continued

House on the Hill – Weyerhaeuser House

3052 10th Avenue Today’s “House on the Hill,” as this mansion is known, is one of the most intact historic homes in Rock Island.  It was owned by one family … [ Continued

Rosenfield House (Coventry Apartments)

1900 6th Avenue This 18 room Rock Island house would be considered spectacular anywhere in the country  – in fact it was described as the “most magnificent residence in the … [ Continued

Frank Mixter House

734 20th Street  NOTE:  This article was written when the site was vacant, before construction of a large new house was begun  in 2007. Perhaps you have traveled past the … [ Continued