Newsletter May 2023

May is National Preservation Month!

We have opportunity to celebrate with local events. We will be presenting Preservation Awards at the May 22nd City Council meeting for two Rock Island residences, to Sacred Heart Church for restoration of their 1901 Gothic Revival stained glass windows, and to Rock Island Parks & Recreation and local neighbors for restoration of a historic double-sided bench at Longview Park.  Please join us at the council meeting to show your appreciation for the fine work.

RIPS, Moline Preservation, and Friends of Hauberg are hosting an afternoon presentation “ Remembering The Villa” On Sunday, May 8th. It will be held at the newly renovated Carriage House at the Hauberg Estate. Hope to see you there!

Sadly, there is little to celebrate after the long battle to Save Our Courthouse. At this point, the historic building is little more than rubble on the site. Many individuals and organizations fought for the County Board to recognize the importance of the building to our community and we appreciate all the preservation efforts .