Postcards From Home

Centennial Bridge

Foot of 15th Street  We drive across it, many of us on a daily basis, and mostly we don’t pay it much attention.  But looking down from the top of … [ Continued

Chicago Burlington & Quincy Station

East Side 20th Street at Second Avenue By any standard, this is an impressive building. And what is even more surprising, is that, for a few years, there were two … [ Continued

Long View Park – Stag Hill

Long View Park – it was originally spelled with two words – was probably the most “postcarded” place in Rock Island, with Spencer Square running a close second.   You probably … [ Continued

Ferkel Couple

518 23rd Avenue There is a surprising story behind this simple postcard.  An elderly couple is posed behind a fence, their small house in the background.  A gate, cobbled of … [ Continued

Grant School

11th Avenue & 7th Street Back to school!  September is a time for beginnings, traditionally with youngsters bearing cedar-scented Ticonderoga No. 2’s and new Goldenrod yellow-sheeted tablets beginning new school … [ Continued

Edgewood Baptist Church

5th Avenue at 44th Street  This isl the tale of a little Rock Island church that, like a young child, just couldn’t sit still.  The story begins on December 3, … [ Continued

South Wind Motel

4300 11th Street What does it take to be a historic building?  According to regulations governing the National Register of Historic Places, the first requirement is a minimum age of … [ Continued

Memorial Heights Methodist Church

18th Avenue at 38th Street This Real Photo postcard of Memorial Heights Methodist Church is much newer than most postcards we write about.   Although we found it in the Special … [ Continued